I offer services for skeletons cleaning and assembling in all Europe and almost all the World. Any type and size of animal.

Professionalism and aesthetics. Extensive experience working for museums, individuals, decorators, companies…

Skulls and skeletons are pieces very spectacular and highly educational, but its implementation involves a great difficulty for the layman. In fact, some skeletons, such as fish, are virtually impossible to clean and assemble if the appropriate expertise is not possessed.

The methods of work offered include cleaning, degreasing and bleaching the bones, ensuring complete cleaning and disinfection, and a pure color, free from undesirable pigments, considering starting out with a correct material for this.

The assembly of the skeletons is performed following a rigorous analysis of the anatomy of the animal, giving the specimen a completely natural look, without forced or unbalanced postures. Therefore, the customer can choose from disarticulated skeletons and mounted skeletons, with a wide range of possibilities ranging from static or resting postures, until dynamic and active postures and can even made completely ​​artistic works of art.

Some skeletons can be relatively easy to obtain, as domestic animals, pets (both traditional and exotic), game animals and fishes from fish shops. In the case of legally protected species, endangered or even extinct, the solution is realistic replicas of synthetic resins, virtually indistinguishable from the real bone.

I offer my services for skeletons cleaning and assembling in all European Union, mainly with meetings in some of the exotic animals specialized fairs that take place in Hamm (Germany) or Houten (Netherlands).

I also offer this services in all around the World. In this case, is necessary to arrange all necesary paperworks and, perhaps, trips could be necessary.

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