They are unique, exclusive, original and prestigious works of art. All of them are fully made and signed by me (Galileo Ramos).

My art has real animal skeletons as the main theme. Animals that have deceased from natural causes, of course. Compliance with a code of ethics is very important to me.

In them I represent the wonder of the complexity of the Creation. I do not invent things, or generate fantastic creatures. It could be considered as Realism, as the skeletons are assembled in such a way that show how are the real animals, but “inside”.

I offer my works and will ship to any country in the world. In some cases, it is necessary export-import procedures, which is important to consider before making orders or buy works.

You can feel free to make any questions or concerns you have.

I invite you to see this gallery.

Boton2 Mustela putorius furo 2018


Boton Green Mamba 2015



Boton Morelia boeleni 2015


Boton Arte Ophiophagus hannah 2017

Boton Varanus yuwonoi 2016


Boton Arte Ophiophagus hannah 2016