Since I can remember, I have been passionate about nature. Both his study and its enjoyment. Although sometimes I dive into something more scholarly aspects (I love reading about evolutionary zoology), I do not lose opportunity for outdoor activities. I am fond of mountainering, climbing, hiking, and birds, animals and plants watching. I have traveled to different parts of the world, with special predilection for the Upper Amazon basin, whose rivers and forests have ride several times, and especially, to the Pyrenees Mountains, whose summits I love climbing and whose lush forests I like getting lost. And all this, always armed with my binoculars and my notebook.

My parents, professional artists in the field of illustration and painting, we were shown to me and my siblings, artistic techniques, both from a technical standpoint and aesthetically. And since childhood I have been practicing, experimenting … both illustration and sculpture. I don´t know if forming my own style or just rehearsing, but in any case, enjoying.

My professional life has run in different areas than art, but that if, always related to nature. However, I have never left the art, and I have illustrations in publications, panels, exhibitions… Also I have figures and sculptures spread virtually worldwide, both private nature lovers as interpretation centers and museums.

As for the skeletons of animals, I’ve been cleaning and mounting skeletons for over 25 years. This gives me a wide experience in such a complex and nuanced art. I started with small animals that found in my hikes, expanding to more exotic and larger animals and eventually combining the technical side with artistic workmanship.

What is shown here is one of the results of combining both passions. I hope you enjoy.

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Galileo Ramos