This collection is aimed at naturalists, enthusiasts, museums, educational centers, interpretation centers, research centers, taxidermists and, in short, anyone who may be interested in the assembly of animal skeletons.

Each type of animal is very different, and the most suitable cleaning and assembly techniques are also very different. Therefore, each manual is dedicated to a specific type of animal.

The author describes different ways of cleaning the bones, with specific indications and with special emphasis on those that he considers best for the type of animal that the manual treats.

The cleaning methods explained can be carried out by any person in a simple way, without needing to have a colony of dermestids or specific devices.

As for the assembly, the way to assemble the skeleton is described in the most complete and meticulous way, so that according to the cleaning procedure that the interested party has followed, he will be able to link with the part of the assembly that best suits him.

All explanations are accompanied by a large number of photographs that help understanding, becoming a true step-by-step manual.