It refers to the skin or rug of a dead animal, not a shirt or mute.

The skin gets soft and supple.

The skin is prepared for preservation, not for making objects (belts, bracelets, etc.). If objects are made with them, over time they may end up tearing around somewhere.

You can make a picture with the skin, in an elongated table, but in theory it is best to keep it wrapped in a dark place. Theoretically, the light can cause discoloration over time, although it did not happen to me.

Brown, earthy and dark colors are excellently preserved.

Green, red, orange and yellow lose intensity, but are also preserved.

White, yellow and light colors in general result in something translucent skins.

I do not refund carcasses. If the customer wants the carcass, he must remove the skin himself.

In specific cases, discounts of 25% for staying with the carcass.

In protected animals, a cession document will be done. I will not pick up protected fur animals if there is not cession document.