in the skeletons for sale


All these animals come from animals died for natural causes. No animal has been killed for its skeleton.

All these animals have been legally gotten, with its legal papers when necessary.


All the amount must be paid before or in the moment of delivery of the piece.

Meeting Points:

Usual meeting points are Hamm and Houten reptiles fairs. Terraristika reptile fair is in Hamm four times at year. I usually assist to 2 of them. In Houten I am only in Snake Day (october). This year I will be also in Cinegetica 2019 in Madrid.

For large amounts, we can arrange a special meeting.


They are pieces that are big and heavy. Except in smaller ones, they need handmade wood boxes, and lot of bubbles plastic. Due to this, shipping can be expensive, or very expensive.

Some skeletons, like cobras, could be very delicate to be sent by post.

Exporting Out of the European Union:

I am in the European Union. Exporting is possible, but could need paperwork.

Cites species would need official paperwork for both parts. I must do export cites document and you must do import cites document.

Probably you will need to pay custom duties in your country.

With big pieces, meybe you could need a custom broker.