To buy, the procedure is as follows:

1- Contact me through:

books(a) (Replace (a) por @ )

– Or through Contact page.

You indicate me what you want to buy, your shipping address, how you want to pay and to which email address or phone number I should make the payment request.

2- I will send you an email (or message) indicating the total amount and a payment request, by the way you have chosen.

3- Once the payment is made, I send you the book or books.


It can be paid with:

PayPal: You must indicate me a paypal email address and I will send you a payment request.

Bank Transfer: can only be in European Union countries. I indicate my account number and you make the deposit of the amount that I have previously indicated.

Bizum: it is a type of bank transfer, so it is only available for countries of the European Union.

Credit Card: I don’t need to know your account number at any time. You give me an email address or a phone number. I send you a payment request through a banking platform called PayGold. There you will have to indicate your card number, but I never access it.