All the figures and scultpures are hand made with modeling techniques and handpainted by the expert wildlife artist Galileo Ramos.

Their execution is based on specialized documentation, biometric parameters and following the criteria of maximum scientific rigor. Also follow the criterion of maximum realism without losing the artistic touch of the sculptor.

Great quality in the details. Great work of art in the field of animal and wildlife sculptures. They are also perfect for increasing all figures collection.

Of great educational interest and great visual appeal both in homes and offices as in museums and wildlife facilities. In addition, this sculpture can be touched by the sightless, and can bring them the knowledge of nature.

Artistic methods are always handcrafted. I never use industrial production methods, neither place orders to companies using cheap labor.

Boton Amphibia

Boton Reptiles

Boton Aves

Boton Mamiferos